Before Taking Off: Installing Git

Before taking off, it is mandatory to make sure that we will be safe during our journey. That’s exactly where Git comes to the surface. So what’s Git and why it is important?

Simply, Git is a version control system, which enables you to track changes that have occured in your project. It solves a great headache of taking huge amount of backups continuously, while working with your team simultaneously, without interfering each other’s work.

The idea is pretty straightforward: we use a hosting service provider, we simply host our project files on a website such as or By keeping these files up to date with our project while creating log of changes that occur in our projects, we keep ourselves on a safe path in case of a fatal error as Git will enable us to return back to a point of desire.

Thus, Git is just like a seat belt of a driver, you definitely shall not work without it.

How To Install?

First, you need to download appropriate Git file (Mac, Windows or Linux) from here and install it without interfering with any choices. You will need to create an account on either github or bitbucket according to your choice. As I The rest of the article will focus on github.

Once you have created your account, you will see your repositories listed on the left side of the screen, which will be empty at first as expected.

On the next screen, you are going to name your repository and make it private or public according to your choice.

Do not forget to check “Add .gitignore” and select Unity from dropdown menu. This will prevent unnecessary hosting of temporary and unnecessary files.

That’s it. We are ready to start using Git. On the next article, I will focus on how to use Git.

Unity Developer