Closing to Day 20

This is my 19th day, and I have realized I haven’t really published articles regarding my progress for a long time. Now, I am close to the end of the Space Shooter game.

Things I have done:

  • Created a new enemy type and projectile.
  • Introduced a negative power-up, which simply damages you if you pick it up.
  • Enemies spawn with a shield with 50% probability.
  • Created a wave system. New waves only start after there is no enemy left from the previous wave. New waves contain more enemy spawns, in a shorter period time between the spawns.

I have waited for some enemies to get spawned, that’s the reason for the crowded screen. Clearly, I need to downsize some assets.

Challenges I have faced:

  • While creating a new enemy type, I wanted it to use a zigzag line. I have decided to manipulate its movement via Animation (you know, “why not?” I said). This resulted in creating a completely new script for this type, sharing 90% of its content with the existing one. Despite new enemy moves as I wished, it is really inefficient. I am planning to update it to a single script by using MoveTowards method.
  • Rather than continuously spawning wave system, I wanted to have a system which does not spawn any more enemy before destroying the enemies from the previous wave. This resulted in creating a variable that counts active enemies on the scene.

Things to do:

  • Enemy shield system needs to be optimized in a way increasing probability according to wave #.
  • I need to find out a way so that enemies will go “kamikaze” if they are close to the player.
  • A clever enemy style will be added, which tries to run away from the player laser.
  • Boss will be added.



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