Creating Transparent Window Effect In Unity

Today, I have started the Cinematography course, which I really had almost no experience at all. I must say, I found this topic more fun to play with than I have expected.

Here’s a snapshot of 2 objects with materials unapplied & applied on:

Without Applying Materials & After Applying Materials

Creating Window Effects

So, how to create a window effect with a material?

Certainly, the first thing that comes to mind is to set the Alpha of a material to 0 and give a transparency to the material. Well, you will notice that it would not work even if you try it. The solution was simpler than I have expected : Changing the rendering mode of the material to “Transparent”.

With the Glass Material’s Rendering Mode set to Transparent, we can observe that changes we make to the Alpha channel will now effect the transparency of the object — just set it to 0 for a more realistic view.

I’m actually happy to learn how simple it is to create a window effect in Unity. I am looking forward to use it in my games!

Unity Developer