For the past 3 days, I have been busy with discovering another project and did not post update for this reason. Well, it has been a good guide for me as I have realized that I shall spend some time on remaking some games just for self-improvement. I still have much more to learn — which really excites me.

Meantime, I have finished the 2.5D Platform course and now working on the additional elements. I will be posting the latest version of it as I finish it. I will be 100% committed to my routine as of today. I will make sure to cover up the previous days that I have skipped to post an article.

For today’s short work, I have created the elevator functionality (The scene already had the elevator, and I have already posted an article about it here — so I am not digging into it).

I have also created a moving Platform (sideways) and provided a wait time value on the Inspector if we want the platform to wait on the start and end points.

These are not new material, but still here’s a brief shot from the script and the game.

Unity Developer