The Dungeon Escape game is finished and I will be focusing on the new project: A 3D Zombie Shooter!

For the Dungeon Escape game, I have created a new scene for the main menu. The Menu button is empty for now.

Well, probably the one and only thing that you must not forget is to properly order the game objects within the main menu that comes above each other. As you know, the ranking in the Hierarchy decides on the image’s rendering order.

As I want the symbol in front of the background and the Title in front of all, I have ranked them accordingly.

Despite there’s nothing much to share with the script (I have not created a Menu Scene yet), here’s the Main Menu script:

This project was really beneficial for me as it was consisting of building a mobile game from scratch to the end, including publishing it to the Google Play store with Ads. Especially, I will be using more of abstract classes and interfaces in the future to keep my coding clean and lean as much as possible. Most important of them all, I really had fun!

Unity Developer