Time really flies, I can hardly believe that it’s been 100 days since beginning this journey. I am pretty happy with my progress so far. Creating the habit of writing articles on a daily basis was not easy at first, but it really has many benefits. I am planning to keep this habit ongoing in the long term and I really suggest anyone who wants to dig deep into any topic to try build this habit.

Now, my day. Zoo Application was a short application and today I am done with it. Lastly, I will be touching the Analytics.

By using Unity Analytics, we can easily track detailed data. For instance, in the Zoo Application, we can track which locations attract more interest. These types of information might become really handy.

To enable Analytics, click On Window — General — Services. Switch the OFF toggle to ON. Unity will ask you to create a project ID (so that Unity will assign a special ID for your project). Once you create it, the you should be able to switch the toggle to ON.

Analytics Event Tracker

Unity has a build-in script that we can add. We can simply attach “Analytics Event Tracker” script to the game objects of our interest. In the Zoo Application, the buttons for interest points are the game objects of our interest to analyze user activity.

If you do not see it within the Add Component List, go to Package Manager and install “Analytics Library”.