Day #36 — Moving On!

Time really goes by really fast. Today was the 36th day on my journey. My daily goal was to handle the Sleeping Guard Interaction so that the relevant cutscene will start as we get closer to the table of the sleeping guard.

So far, I am more than happy to improve myself on a field that I was really weak. I have been spending last 2 weeks on the stealth game, with learning and getting adapted to Timeline. Moreover, I was happy to retest my Animation knowledge. I am really happy to find out how beneficial Timeline is, and I am feeling great that I am getting used to it more and more.

Handling the collision results are pretty easy, but I really loved the detail oriented approach so that we make sure that there’s no game object apparent during the scene. For instance, on the sleeping guard scene, we can observe that the sleeping guard on the scene view is also apparent on the game view.

We are aiming to give a perception that actual game characters are playing during the cut, so we need to make sure that there are no errors. To eliminate having 2 guards on the scene, we get to the Timeline of the scene, add an animation track, drag&drop the Security Guard game object to the track and drag it’s active bar to the end of the scene.

In order to make sure that the game object only becomes active again at the end of the scene. By setting the Start Clip Timing at the latest frame, we can make sure that we will not face multiple game objects during the scene.

Manipulating objects from Timeline with Activation Tracks may become a good alternative to scripting in some cases. For instance, rather than estimating and calculating the exact length of a cutscene and turning it off from a script as it finished, we can simply turn it off by using Timeline. However, important thing to note there is that we cannot simply turn a game object off using itself as the game object in the Activation track. Rather, we can turn off the parent game object off to gather the same result.




Unity Developer

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Ali Emre Onur

Ali Emre Onur

Unity Developer

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