Day #40: A Third of The Road

The 40th day of my 120 days journey has been passed. Today, I have totally finished the Cinematography course (Stealth Game) and started the 2.5D Platformer game.

First, my comments about the cinematography course. I really did not think that creating cutscenes in Unity would be such easy. You build a muscle by practicing. Practice really makes it perfect, creating many cutscenes really helped me to learn to use Timeline in a detail way and I really feel comfortable with Timeline now.

I have started to feel that my self-esteem is being building up with a fast pace. I am a passionate learner and I really love the way this course challenges me with different materials. Moreover, it is really beneficial for us to be coached as a software developer. I am sure that I will be industry ready sooner than expected. I am really more than happy to be a part of this lovely community.

In the 2.5D Platformer Game, we will create a platformer game from scratch. I am excited to start the new course. Let’s keep it up! :)




Unity Developer

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Ali Emre Onur

Ali Emre Onur

Unity Developer

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