Day #74: Daily Update

For the past 2 days, I have been following up Hyper Casual Game Conference 2021. I am really thankful to Ayhan, the guy who has informed me about it, which led me to gather a wider understanding of the HyperCasual Games market. Meanwhile, Dungeon Escape game that I have been working on is about to finish.

If you somehow miss it, they have informed that they will be updating their Youtube profile in a week with the content of the conference.

As a new developer in this field, I was having hard time to understand the market’s pushy behaviour towards HyperCasual games. I am a guy who is somehow sensitive about consumption and I was considering the method of creating a new game each week as an idea consumption. Well, thanks to the contributors of the conference, now I understand that current market dynamics somehow encouraging the creators to behave this way. Of course, marketing is a whole another level. As a guy who had a past experience in marketing, I was also thrilled about the workforce in this field. An attendee used a phrase that we are 50% programmers and 50% marketers, which actually might be really accurate in todays world.

I really suggest you to follow the Conference’s Youtube channel and watch the videos of your interest later on. Feeling lucky to be a part of this great community as the market still has more demand than the supply as an attendee names it.



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