Game Assets via Filebase

Filebase is a great resource for ready game assets provided by Special thanks to Al Heck and Jonathan Weinberger for building up such a huge asset base!

This article will focus on how to install the game assets of your desire from Filebase. Of course, you need to add the Filebase plug-in to your Unity project first and make sure to login to your GameDevHQ account.

Click on the Drop-Down list for assets and select the category that you are interested in.

In this game, I will be using a human character.

Simply click on download and then import.

If you somehow cannot find the imported asset in your Project window, you can simply click on the locate.

If you observe that the Prefab is Pink once you drag it to the scene, you actually know what to do if you are following me (you can find the related article here). Briefly, this occurs because of URP and we need to tell Unity to use Universal Render Pipeline in order to view it correctly.

To solve this problem, click on Edit — Render Pipeline — Universal Render Pipeline

If you are using a Character Controller or if you have any collider, make sure to arrange it to fit the character.

And that’s it! We are ready to move on :)

Unity Developer