Getting Started with AWS for Unity

I am on Pause on the Zombie Project for now and I will be updating my blog as I progress further on the project.

Aside from games, we can use Unity to build applications on different fields. The first app we are going to develop will be a simple insurance application where the users can upload their claims and follow up its status.

You probably already know that AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. In the app that we are going to develop, we will use cloud system supplied by AWS. Certainly, we need to develop the app in compatible with AWS. Before beginning, make sure to create an AWS account.

Click on this link, and download the zip package for Unity and unzip in.

Click on “AWSSDK.S3.” and import it to your project.

In order to configure the project in compliance with AWS, we have created an empty game object and a script with name “AWSManager”. As you can see below, we have added “Amazon” to the namespace and an initializer.

If Visual Studio does not recognize Amazon, make sure to add the AWS extension in Visual Studio. To add the AWS Extension to VS, click on Extensions — Manage Extensions and search for AWS and install it.

With the script above, you will realize that required scripts will be added automatically.

Now, it is time to communicate with the cloud. Since I believe that Amazon has explained it brief enough:

Log in to your Amazon Cognito, Create new identity pool, assign a name, check the “Enable access to unauthenticated identities” box (this is for determining the user — in this application, this is not necessary). If you want authentication within your app, you can select the ones you would like to add from Authentication providers.

And that’s it!