How to Build and Test your Unity Game

Hey! This is the 17th day of my journey. So far so good! Currently, I am working on the latest updates on the space shooter game and I will be posting the latest version when it’s ready. Today, the article will be short as it will capture a relatively easy topic: How to build the games you have developed on Unity.

Well, we simply click File — Build Settings — Select the Platform you want your game to be built and then press Build And Run.

By clicking on Player settings, you can change details of your build.

You can simply add the missing platform components by just clicking on them and click “Install with Unity Hub”; or just by clicking on the installed version on Unity and selecting “Add Modules”.

That’s all. All it is left is to select the folder of your build and enjoy — test your game.

Just a quick reminder. If you choose a resolution which is different than the ratio of your game design, you might observe game objects being placed differently than the game view. Actually, the optimal solution to this problem is to use a screen manager, but again, it’s not the topic of this article.

Unity Developer