New Project: AR Anatomy

Today, I am a little bit excited as I have started a new application which introduced me to the AR world.

The project, Horse Anatomy AR, will be a basic application where you can view the muscle and skeleton anatomy of a horse by selecting a part.

I will be using Vuforia engine, which is the most widely used engine by AR Developers, which supports Windows, IOS and Android platforms.

If you have somehow used an AR application, you might already guess that we will need a different camera system while developing an AR app/game. Thanks to Vuforia, we can easily create and use a camera that tracks the image target. In short, an AR camera instead of Main Camera will be used.

In my following articles, I will be explaining how to build, animate and test AR applications by using Vuforia and Unity engines. Additionally, I will be explaining how to Create Asset bundles by using AWS to allow the users dynamically load our application/game. Asset bundles are really handy for applications that require high data download. As the user may want to download your application anywhere (assuming it is a mobile application), it is better to provide the core part of the program to the user and allow him to select the parts to dynamically load while using the application. As you can guess, Asset Bundles are also handy for in-app purchases.

Buckle up!



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