Publishing to the Google Play Store

First, we need to register a developer account. Go to and create a developer account or associate an existing account.

Just for one time, Google demands a 25$ registration fee.

Developer name will be the name that will be displayed with your game, which will be visible on the Google Play Store.

By simply clicking on “Publish an Android App On Google Play”, you can upload your apk file.

Before creating your final SDK, make sure that you have set the Unity Project settings correctly. Click on File — Build Settings and Player Settings.

On the Player tab, type in your company and game name, version and fill-in the icon.

Going down on the Player tab, you will realize that there is Publishing Settings.

You would not want anyone else than you to have the right to update or change your game just by logging into your google account, would you? Keystore function is here for us. Simply, Keystore is an encrypted file that ensures that the game is updated only by the owner of the game.

Klicking on Keystore Manager, you can create a keystore if you have not created one or use an existing one.

Make sure to store the created Keystore in a safe place where you will not lose and create a safe password. Create an alias (you can use your game name or whatever you want to call) and create a safe password for the alias and fill in the rest of the information. Then, select the created alias in the previous menu.

Using the created keystore and alias, the game is almost ready for us to build for the Google Play Store.

Make sure that Package Name (in the other settings) is compatible with your company name /project name. Instead of space or dots, underscore needs to be used for the spacing purpose.

Lastly, build your game to create the apk file to upload to the Google Play Store. By assigning the keystore and alias, we certified the game that we are the one who is authorized to make changes to this game.

Go to your Play store console and click on Publish an Android App On Google Play, take your time to fill in the necessary fields.