Reflection Probes vs Screen Space Reflections

Today, I have learned many new things and probes was one of them! I believe that this article will be beneficial for me in the future, I will try to keep this as lean as possible.

Ah! I really miss those Xbox 360 days :)

Unity allows us to create reflections using 2 ways:

  • Reflection Probes

Reflection Probes

To create a reflection probe, Right click on the hiearchy and select Light — Reflection Probe.

By clicking “Edit bounding volume”, we can enlarge the reflection area according to our desire. Despite that’s actually this easy to get some reflections, you will instantly realize that the reflections are not perfect. But still, better than no reflections, right? These reflections are cheap to use, and perfect for mobile games.

Screen Space Reflections

Screen space reflections use Post-Processing Stack in Unity. This feature in Unity allows us to use many effects at the same time, with the order of our desire.

Unlike reflection probes, Screen Space Reflections are expensive to use and they are not suitable for mobile games for this reason. It is recommended to use screen space reflections for games designed for PC or consoles.

Lastly, here are the 2 images using both of the reflecting options.

Using Reflection Probes
Using Screen Space Reflections

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