Setting up Analytics with Unity

What defines the success of your game? Of course, the users! Unity provides great tools that enables us to trach user experience in detail. Using the analytics tool, you can track the parameters such as Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users(MAU), new users, retention and many other parameters including monetization.

For explanation of each parameter, you can simply check Unity’s website on analytics clicking the link below:

In order to use the Analytics tool, you need to activate it within your project.

Click on Window — General — Services which will open the Services Window:

Before changing the switches to ON, you will need to assign a project ID to your project in your Unity account so that you can control it.

Click On Edit — Project Settings — Services — Analytics. In order to gain access to Unity Dashboard features, you need to assign an organization and create a project ID for your project.

By logging in to, you will face the Dashboard we landing page which looks like below :

As you can observe, you can control and monitor your project on many aspects.

Click on Analytics and choose the project that you want to monitor. As you can observe, it provides detailed information on many aspects about your game:

And the rest is up to you. By using the Analytics tool, you can easily track the results of any update/change that you make in a game.

Unity Developer