Setting Up Vuforia with Unity

To develop applications with AR in Unity, we are going to use Vuforia Engine. Vuforia Engine is the most commonly used program for developing AR applications for different platforms including PC, mobile, eyewear. By using Vuforia, we can build AR applications on Windows, IoS and Android platforms.

To enable Vuforia Engine in Unity, click on File — Build Settings — Project Settings and click on the XR Plugin Management on the left side. Then, simply click on “Install XR Plugin Management”.

Once I have installed it, it gave out an error :

By searching it online, I have found a couple of fixes. Here’s the link for multiple fixes from different users:

First, as suggested on the link above, I have clicked on Help and selected “Reset packages to defaults”.

Then, I have imported and installed Vuforia Install from Unity Asset Store. You can also add it to your assets from the link below:

Once it has finished, I have hit the Play button and it requested me to Update the Vuforia package, notifying that the project folder should have a git folder initialized.

After waiting a couple of minutes, it is done. Now, you should see the Vuforia Engine tab if you click on GameObject tab:

Also, if you hit on Play to test it and you will find the successful message on the Console :

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